Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Blog Of Cats......Or Rather Sanrio Hello Kitty

Well, guess what? The Hello Kitty's out the bag and with her friends, Sam the Penguin, Little Twin Stars and Patty and Jimmy. All of these Sanrio Vintage Mini 3 buddies bring along with them useful items for everyone's daily life. Definitely another breed of cat!!

So now there's more than one way to skin....opps!! should be, buy a Hello Kitty, with a price that is not high as the hair on a cat's back. Doesn't this just sweeten the kitty? Chance to be a cool cat, and grin like a Cheshire cat now with this complete Sanrio Vintage Mini 3 set of 8, or if you wish, select and pick your most favourite Sanrio Hello Kitty her best friends.

(Note: Click the pictures to have more information on Sanrio Vintage Mini 3)