Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Classical Disney Music Concert

Presenting all time Disney favourite, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pooh Bear, Donald Duck, Bunny Rabbit, Marie Cat, Stitch Lilo, Chip and Dale in a classical music concert. With a miniature electronic violin, you stroke the chord on the bow, and these Miniature Playscale Disney Electronic Violins, will play the music. Small in size at 2.8inches in length, and only two LR41 batteries, will kick-start this Disney concert.

If you are still in the music groove, try out this Miniature Classic Music Instrument Set, that includes, a horn, trumpet, guitars, pianos and violin. Also small in size at 2-3inches in length. You can form and start your orchestra right off, and have it team up with the Miniature Disney Electronic Violin friends!!

Miniature Playscale Disney Electronic Violin