Monday, October 27, 2008

Wake And Shoot

How do you shut the irriating alarm clock off? What is the first thing you do before you are fully awaken? The Bandai Gun O'Clock has all the answers to these. You shoot off the noisy alarm clock. Even before you step out from the bed, you practise your shooting skills.

There are two different modes in this fun Bandai Gun O'Clock. In alarm mode, you need to use the infra gun to shoot at the target (which will spring up once the alarm rings). Careful! You need to aim correctly, for the alarm to go mute.

In the game mode is where you practise your shooting skills. Just keeping shooting the target within the certain time frame set. The clock will "praise" you if you hit at the target correctly.

And what's the size and requirements for the Bandai Gun O'Clock?
Dimensions:Clock - 1.7inches(H) x 5.1inches(W & D)
Gun - 4.4inches(H) x 5.7inches(D) x 1.1inches(D)
Batteries Requirement:Clock - 4 AA BatteriesGun - 2 AA Batteries

Now get ready, get up and shoot away!!