Friday, August 22, 2008

The Good Old Days

Still remember the old mom and pop store down the road? Where the cooler fridge comes with different soft drinks to quench your thirst? A bakelite phone for you to make calls (if the owner is kind enough not to impose a charge) and variety of colorful lollipops for you to chose. Hanging out at the mom and pop store, with a bottle of soft drink on your left hand, and a strawberry lollipop on your right hand, playing hopscotch, browsing through the magazines or chatting with the shop owner(s) who might already know you by your name. Definitely a personal shopping experience that big box stores cannot match.

Now that mom and pop stores are slowly giving way to big box stores, is reminiscing all one can do? Probably not! With the T For Candy Retro Fridge Store Set and T For Candy Soft Drink Store Set, you can still hold onto these memories, albeit in a miniature way.

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T For Candy Retro Fridge Store Set

T For Candy Soft Drink Store Set