Friday, August 1, 2008

Of Cakes, Tableware and Supermarket

Let's join everyone's favourite Minnie Mouse for her party. In the series: Re-ment Minnie Mouse Lovely Cakes, she has prepare eight different type of food set for this party. But you are still welcome to bring along your own tableware if you find those prepare by Minnie Mouse too "minnie". Just select from any of the eight sets of tableware from Re-ment Petit Princess Party tableware.

And if the food is not up to your liking, no worries, Re-ment Supermarket Of My Street might have some snacks which can make you filling. Just remember not to blurp out loud. Our lovely host Minnie Mouse prefers prim and proper.

(Note: Click the pictures to have a better view on the three Re-ment items)

Re-ment Minnie Mouse Lovely Cakes

Re-ment Petit Princess Party

Re-ment Supermarket Of My Streett