Sunday, July 6, 2008

Music In The Air

Playing music in the air, with imaginary guitar strings detected by infrared sensor. Now anyone can be a guitarist with the Air Guitar Pro. With pre-set 10 songs, strumming the guitar can't be so easy and high tech.

(Note: Click the pictures to have more information of the Air Guitar Pro)

No guitar strings? Just a small device the size of your palm? The Air Guitar Pick - Rock Tamashii Greatest Hits still made it possibe to play music in the air. Of course, heaps of imagination helps too. Chose anything from pop to retro from the Rock Tamashii Greatest Hits 1 - 8. Sing and "strum" this Air Guitar Pick like you are part of a music band.

(Note: Click the pictures for more information on the Air Guitar Pick - Rock Tamashii Greatest Hits)