Thursday, March 20, 2008

Re-ment Dollhouse Miniature: Furniture Series

Re-ment Fridge with Food Series: A fridge by any colour is still a fridge. And who said fridge needs to be white? Proven by this petit Re-ment fridge, in sleek brown colour. Available here

Re-ment Lamp and Chest Series: A lamp and a chest (orange or white colour) from Re-ment, that will beautify and light up your dollhouse. Perfect as a display too, if you look at the beautiful lamps. Available here

Re-ment Brown Kitchen Cabinet Series: A brown colour Re-ment kitchen cabinet for you to store your miniature collections. Model after the real "thing". Old Re-ment series which is out of stock, but still available here

Re-ment Kitchen Dining Table Series: Complete set of kitchen dining table and chair from Re-ment. Old series which is out of stock now, but still available here