Thursday, March 12, 2009

Have A Comfy Seat

Sigh!! If only I can have those sleek designer chairs in my house without bursting my budget. But since I cannot have the real thing, I will settle with the miniature thing. The new Dollhouse Miniature Designer Chair Vol 6 at a scale of 1/12 not only will fit my comfy home dream, but is also a perfect addition for my dollhouse collections. Now the little dolls will be thrill not have to stand the whole time.

In different shapes and sizes, little dolls can sit on them, lie on them and have a little ride at them. Not only are they sleek in design they have cool names too. Willow Chair, Robie House, Corona Chair, Eames Plywood Elephant (not the real thing of course), Barcelona Daybed and Fauteuil A Dossier Basculant. Might not be the real thing but these miniature designer chairs certainly make up for any loss.

Dollhouse Miniature Designer Chair Vol 6