Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fashionable Little Dolls

Dressing up little dolls can be fun. Espeically when it is the miniature Pinky Street Dolls. With four different styles, and eight different outfits, you can mix and match these cute Pinky Street Dolls according to your dollhouse or fashion theme.

The first and second Pinky Street Doll PK001(Yoshiko), Pinky Street Doll PK002 (Sue) comes with four different causal street wear and two softtoys.

While the third and fourth Pinky Street Doll PK004 (Moe) , Pinky Street Doll PK005 (Kokoro) comes also with four different causal street wear, one handbag and one haversack.

Isn't it a headache now just to dress these Pinky Street Dolls up with so many outfits to chose.