Thursday, June 5, 2008

Re-ment Puchi Airlines Food Set & Re-ment Disney Chocolate Charm Strap

Are all airlines food yucky? Maybe so? And Re-ment has thus come up with 8 different airlines food (Samurai Airlines, Bibimbap Airlines, Tom Yum Goong Airlines, Namaste Airlines, BonJour Airlines, Santa Claus Airlines, Manhanttan Airlines and Pineapple Airlines. Names sure are amusing but definitely not the food set). Just take a look at this Re-ment Puchi Airlines food set, and decide which airline you would like to go with.

Hmm....chocolate combine with gold strap? Is that possible? The Re-ment Disney Chocolate Charm Strap just made this innovation possible. Minnie Mouse, Bunny, Marie, Winne the Pooh, Bambi and Stitch? Select one of the straps based on these favourite Disney characters. Of course, eat those chocolates at your own risk :)

(Note: Click on picture to have a better view of Re-ment Disney Chocolate Charm Strap)