Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April New Products Updates

Sharing our new products in April here. This is no April fools joke ;p

F-Toys Dollhouse Miniature Banjo, Guitar, Ukulele, Niko & Samisen

Are you in the mood for music. Try different tunes with the different musical insturments

Re-ment Dollhouse Miniature Food Display Set (Western & Japanese Food)
Here's a menu for both Western, Oriental and Japanese food. Have your pick here

Re-ment Dollhouse Miniature Mushroom Display Shop Mushroom is more than a fungus. Don't believe?

Re-ment Dollhouse Miniature Disney Spoon and Cellphone Chain (Mickey, Minnie, Stitich)
Mummy! I want a Disney spoon

Re-ment Dollhouse Miniature Japanese Old Confectionary Snacks There's always something available for everyone at the old confectionary store down the street.

Re-ment Dollhouse Miniature Mini Sweets (US Version) Let's have a American party. Pot luck please.
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