Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To Be On Display

On a quiet night, some minis yakking away....

Mini Robots: All my parts are rusty now!! No thanks to the constant exposure of air.

Mini Cakes: The cherries and cream on our face are now buried under the spider's web.

Mini Porcelain Plate: That's just not fair. Just because of our tiny size, we can't get to stay in that beautiful cabinet like the Chinaware big boys!! Size does matter!!

Mini Hello Kitty: I just hate it when the house cat thinks it's funny to keep knocking us down, and to think we are "long distance relative". There's just no way for us to hide.

Mini Jar: You know, there's so much dust around us that it's impossible to even see our lid.

All Minis: We need a home to keep us safe and clean, and the Epoch W300S Display Case for miniatures is our ideal home!!

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Epoch W300S Display Case